Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I hire a bike?

The bike kiosk itself gives step by step instructions on how to hire the bike.

2. What if the bike does not release?

You must be careful to firmly push the bike first forward in the dock before pulling the bike out to release.

3. What would happen if I accidentally pushed the bike back in to the dock after first releasing it?

Use your same credit card and start again, you will not be recharged provided you are hiring the same numbered bike within the selected time frame.

4. What to do with a puncture or damaged bike?

If you are further away from your original kiosk than you feel comfortable to wheel your bike back to, simply lock the bike to a secure point and call a taxi. Spinway WA will reimburse the taxi fare back to your credit card. Please contact us or tell your customer service rep to let us know the location of the damaged bike so we can then collect and repair.

5. What happens if my card is overcharged?

All locations hosting a Spinway kiosk have the direct contact number for Spinway WA, we are able to attend to all queries promptly and a credit card refund can be processed quickly.

6. What happens if I do not return the bike within 24 hours?

Your credit card will be charged a set replacement fee.

7. Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, West Australian law states bike helmets must be worn at all times when operating a bicycle whether it be on a road or cycle path.

8. Does the bike have to be returned to the original kiosk?


9. How do I know where to ride?

10. Is the seat adjustable?