Automatic Bicycle Hire Network
The Future of Bicycle Hire

How does it work?

Insert your card, grab a bike and go! It’s that simple.

When your finished return your bike to the station. Ride for 1 hour or the whole day.

How does it work
Terminal Instruct

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

A central computer server tracks each Spinway bike through RFID technology.

Our Spinway App allows you to find the Spinway locations and shows you places to ride in those areas.

The Bikes

The Spinway Bike has been designed by the world’s leading bicycle manufacturer Avanti, and has been shaped to be comfortable, robust and hassle free.

Bike Features:

  • Puncture proof tires
  • Chain protector
  • Enclosed internal gears and brakes
  • Internal cabling
  • Low step frame for a wide range of riders
  • Adjustable seat
  • Custom basket carrier

The Stations

The solar powered stations consist of electronic credit card processing unit attached to a rack of between 4 and 32 bikes.

The system is simple and user friendly with customers simply swiping their credit card and following the on-screen prompts.

Fees are low making this an achievable activity for everyone.