Spinway WA is a bike hire vending machine business based on the very popular bike share systems currently running around the world. We install, promote and service our own unique stand-alone vending machines known as "bike stations" throughout Western Australia. The Bikes are secured and are electronically monitored always through a central computer program.

The Stations consist of an electronic credit card processing unit attached to a rack of between four and up to thirty-two bikes. The system is very simple and user friendly with customers simply swiping their credit card and following the on-screen prompts to hire a bike. Customers have the flexibility of hiring a bike for one hour up to 24 hours. The fees are very low making this an achievable activity for everyone.

Due to Western Australian law and our commitment at Spinway WA to bike safety all bike stations are located near a customer service counter so that bike helmets and locks can be borrowed free of charge with each bike.

Spinway was a concept designed originally with the hotel industry as the focus. Providing hotel guests with convenient access to quality bike hire to explore their surroundings and escape stuffy indoor gymnasiums. This concept has now expanded to local councils embracing our bicycle revolution with the first Spinway WA cycle station being installed at Fremantle fishing boat harbor opposite Cicerello’s, allowing more general public to hire a bicycle.

Spinway WA is constantly looking for further opportunities to grow our business and increase the bike hire access across Western Australia. We will soon be offering corporate or businesses the opportunity for Spinway memberships. Offering bikes free to staff, by the company paying a set monthly fee. The company will also be given detailed electronic records of bike usage which could be very useful in setting up future fitness and staff development programs.

Bike Hire Station in Fremantle WA
The Spinway WA Team in Scarborough

Our Vision

Spinway WA is a family owned company, started because we ourselves have a keen interest in our environment and health and fitness. We strongly identify with the need to start looking at greener modes of transport in our already overly congested world. Spinway WA has a vision for Western Australia of bicycles becoming a main mode of transport especially in our CBD. We would love to see people use public transport and then grab a convenient bike and ride to their destination.

Lessening our carbon footprints and increasing our health and wellbeing, at the same time enjoying our beautiful city and fantastic weather.